Melbourne Shower Screen Installations

Shower Screen Installation in Melbourne

For the best shower screen installation in Melbourne, Clear Brilliance is the go-to company in the area. Why? Well, we have fifteen years of experience under our belts and have developed a reputation for providing an excellent service for working with frameless glass in Melbourne. We are also an AGWA accredited business and a member of the SPASA Victoria and Landscaping Victoria due to our ethical trading and industry knowledge. There is no better company to choose when you are looking for shower screen excellence.

Check out below some of our top tips for choosing the right glass and door for your shower screen.

Choose The Right Glass For Your New Shower Screen Installation

Choosing glass for your new shower screen is easier than it seems, and this is a very important decision that you will need to make. Shower glass usually ranges in width from 6mm to 10mm, but you will want to opt for glass that is as thick as possible as the thicker it is, the sturdier it will be.

Frameless Shower Screen Installations

One of the most popular types of shower screens in Australia is the modern and chic frameless style. This is great for those who want to create a more spacious feel in their bathroom and make as much use of the space as they can. These frames are particularly great for those who do not have the largest of bathrooms to work with and do not have much sunlight. However, they are also fantastic in big bathrooms too as they create quite a visual impact on a room. 

Choosing The Right Shower Screen Door

What you may not have also considered is that you will need to choose the right door to go with your screen and the rest of your bathroom. There are lots of different types of doors for you to choose from and this can include single door quadrant, hinged shower doors, sliding shower doors, bi-fold shower doors and d-shaped shower doors. We can help you here at Clear Brilliance to choose and install shower screens in Melbourne.

Get Your Free Shower Screen Installation Quote Today

Clear Brilliance is here to provide you with a free quote for any custom made shower screens. All you need to do is get in touch with our team today, and we can organise a date that suits you to get your free quote calculated. Give us a call now on 03 9728 2172 or 0419 526 285 to get booked in. Furthermore, you can also send an email to book in your free quote or ask any queries that you may have. Our email address is, but you can also simply use our online email enquiry form that takes just minutes to fill out.